28 September, 2017 5 Actionable Steps for a Successful Online Marketing Campaign

A carefully thought of web marketing project that targets carefully selected sites in a planned manner can be relatively easy to manage at low costs. Moreover, it can yield visits and sales quicker than Search Engine Optimization and marketing on social media. In the space of a single day, you can put together an internet marketing campaign after researching the audience you wish to target.

28 September, 2017 Five Powerful Ideas to Create your Personal Brand

It takes time to create a personal brand. You need to make people listen to you. You need to have achievements that they will acknowledge. You need to be able to arouse empathy, interest, and positive feelings in your customers and audience. A personal brand can make a huge difference to the health of any entrepreneurial venture. A brand is a great motivator for people to choose your business over your competitor’s.

28 September, 2017 Getting Past the Adblock – Marketing Strategies to Use

More than six out of ten online users, in the age group 18-34, are using software to block ads when surfing online. Overall, four out of ten users use adblocks. In such a scenario, what does an advertiser do to get the reader’s attention?

28 September, 2017 The Concise Guide to Sticky Marketing

We cannot escape advertisements, advertorials, infomercials an other assorted marketing communications we are exposed to every time we use the internet. Very few of these ads are worth a read, and fewer still are the ones that we may choose to click. We have developed ad blindness, and unless an advertisement or a marketing campaign is truly memorable a.k.a “sticky”, we forget it within seconds of viewing it. On similar lines, websites that manage to retain viewer interest and have low bounce rates are referred to as “sticky”. This stickiness is a prized attribute and requires a slightly different route to that taken by most web marketers.

28 September, 2017 Essential Due Diligence Before Launching a New Marketing Campaign

The days leading to the launch of a new marketing campaign are fraught with excitement and tension. Weeks of hard work, brainstorming, and ideating are about to come to fruition. A strong launch followed by proper execution can lead to success. However, before the campaign goes live you must ensure that you have a buy-in for the project across the organization.

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