28 September, 2017 6 Tried and Tested Steps for Sticky Content

Knowledge, unless spread, disappears. For knowledge to survive, it needs to be disseminated in a language that the vast majority of the audience will understand. That’s the single most important thing to ensure that an idea survives and can be built upon. Jargon has limited appeal and acronyms will invariably draw a blank from an interested but uninformed audience. If you intend to use your knowledge for helping others, then you first need to convince them that your expertise can make a difference in their lives. For this, you need to speak in a language that your prospects understand.

28 September, 2017 The Art and Craft of Creating a Sticky Brand.

Brands spend on marketing and advertising to ensure recall at the time of making a purchase decision. A big marketing budget is not a guarantee of making a brand stick in public memory.

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