How do Some Brands Consistently Churn out Sticky Copy?
26 February, 2018

If you run a business, big or small, then you simply cannot ignore sticky marketing. You have to leverage sticky marketing in order to stand apart from the crowd. Without sticky marketing, your ad spend and organic reach will never yield returns that these should.

When you have the hang of how to create sticky content, you are, to a very large extent, free from the whims of search engine and social media algorithm changes. The significance of this cannot be overstated.

A case in point being the recent Facebook news feed algorithm change. Posts from brands will feature less on timelines because the social media giant wishes to boost meaningful engagement and relegate passive marketing communication to lower down on timelines. This can have a serious impact on how small businesses will connect with their audience. Until now, it has been easy. Going forward, you will have either to spend more on ads or really work hard to ensure that your posts show up. Posts will show up, Facebook says, if the engagement levels are high. This means that your posts need to generate more likes, shares, and comments. Sticky marketing has probably just become that much more crucial to your outreach efforts.

What is it that some brands do right and are able to get the maximum bang for their marketing dollars. We know. At eHesive, we help small businesses and established brands leverage sticky content for running marketing campaigns that deliver the desired results.

Sticky posts invariably carry trigger words and phrases that excite our emotions. These may make us curious, evoke sympathy, make us think, or inspire us to do something.

Sticky content begins with a sticky topic. There are some universal sticky topics, and there are niche-specific sticky topics that never go out of fashion. For example, a post on how you succeeded in making big dollars will grab eyeballs. Use numbers, talk about money, share earning details and you have a tried and tested recipe for a sticky post.

Which niche do you operate in? We can help you come up with sticky topics that are waiting to be exploited. Use them and watch traffic stream to your money site. Get leads. Convert leads. Establish your brand. Basically, whatever your marketing objective, you can accomplish those with sticky content.

Alertness and awareness about what’s current in your niche is important. A lot of sticky content is around evergreen topics. In a way, that’s easy to execute. But there are only so many evergreen topics that you can write on or prepare videos on. Time-sensitive and relevant content can also be sticky and what’s more important you will not be running but of things to write on because events recur and there’s always something new happening.

Sticky content gets shared. Moreover, time-sensitive content has the potential to go really go viral. A great post on a new launch, discount, or a post that links your business to events such as sporting finals, celebrations, holidays, etc can easily go viral. If you can reach out with a short video that has a message for your audience, you have a winner on your hands.

Videos, by virtue of being audio visual in nature, have high recall value. People remember videos. That is a big aspect of sticky content – recall.

Brands that succeed with sticky messaging either know or learn that there boring content is not an option. Even if the product or service you sell may be deemed “boring”, you have no choice but to weave sticky and interesting content on it. Drab messaging will get you nowhere. It need not be all shock and awe. Ehesive can help you create great sticky content in a calibrated manner. You will be surprised to learn that with some experience and creativity, you can run a successful marketing campaign with great recall without having to spend tons on it.

Successful marketing with sticky content uses sticky phrases. Brands that have tasted success with sticky marketing know this. You must spend some time to create a database of relevant sticky phrases, and use them judiciously in your post.

What exactly is a sticky phrase? One very apt marker of sticky words is that they stand out. If you can use words to break the flow of a reader’s quick scan of your content and slow him down, then you have a better chance of getting your point across. This also increases the time spent on a page – an engagement metric considered by search engines to boost ranking on the SERPs.

Superlatives, catchy adjectives, numerals, figures, statistics, metaphors, analogies, examples...what else can you think of? All these are great sticky words that add zest to a sticky topic and shore up a bland one.

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