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Partner with the advertising service trusted by executives and marketers for time-savings, scalability, transparency and delivery expertise targeting in Traditional, Cannabis and Adult adverts.



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Frequently asked questions

  • What is eHESIVE?
  • eHESIVE is where Advertisements stick and marketing campaigns reach targeted viewers beyond that of regional boundaries. The ad system of eHESIVE is standard in the way, it allows publishers monetize by posting their website and for advertisers marketing themselves by posting ads that go onto the participating publisher sites. eHESIVE sticks everything together with features of a user interface that enables transparent reporting and easier customization of widgets.
  • What makes advertising stick with eHESIVE?
  • Generate higher revenues, better engagement rates, and loyal audiences is what the eHesive stickiness is all about. We put our advertisers and publishers first and main part of the system is drawn upon transparency coupled along with simple built-in metrics and content flexibility.
  • Does eHESIVE support Mobile Advertising?
  • eHesive does support advertisement for mobile devices with standard ways. We are also working on improving ads delivery to embedded devices.
  • Do you have any affiliate program?
  • Yes, we do have affiliate program what is beneficial for high volume partners.
  • Do you deal with ad exchange programs?
  • We do not run ad exchange programs as right now, but it may change based on demand or company future strategies if necessary.
  • I'm ready to sign up. What do I do?
  • Are you an Advertiser or a Publisher? Identify which one, click the appropriate button and follow the instructions and multi-steps and will be on your way to successful results with eHESIVE. And yes you can be both an advertiser and a publisher, but you will need to use 2 different emails to set them up.
  • Can I create a campaign from my mobile device?
  • Yes. Even though site is primarily optimized for bigger screen, we are continuously improving mobile experience and usability.
  • What countries do you have traffic for?
  • We have global traffic in over 180 countries
  • What is your CPM rate?
  • The CPM depends on targeting options, category and other competing campaigns.We do work on a RTB system, so the highest bidder gets the most impressions. Effective CPM can be lower at the end, but it will never be higher than configured.
  • Is there a refund policy?
  • Yes, for any advertisers with a balance, they can request for a refund on the remaining balance, which will be processed within 48 business hours through the original method of payment.
  • What Payments Do You Accept?
  • We accept PayPal or Wire transfer.