How to Create a Sticky Pinterest Campaign
21 February, 2018

As with any other social media campaign, a sticky Pinterest campaign to get eyeballs and business will work only when you implement proven steps. eHESIVE tells you how to get the maximum bang out of your marketing bucks with a sticky campaign.

A sticky campaign can be viewed as the coming together or the agglomeration of many small things that lead to bigger ones, such as a small group online transitioning into a much bigger one. Now if this idea applies to those who follow your pins, then it is not difficult to appreciate the healthy effects of such an event on your business. When an idea or a product is remembered, used, and promoted by a large group of people, it can be said to have achieved stickiness. A sticky idea endures. It has a long shelf live that may extend for the life of an individual, and collectively for decades.

Sticky ideas have the following in common –


  1. Simplicity – The idea is easy to grasp. Present only the essence of the concept.
  2. Imaginative – For jaded minds and eyes, an unexpected and creative concept is a welcome sight.
  3. Language – The idea must be expressed in concrete terms. Wishy-washy abstract terms do nothing to promote stickiness.
  4. Believability – The idea has to be credible, believable, and must be buttressed by examples showcasing its value.
  5. Connective – The content should strike an emotional chord with the audience.
  6. Tales – Use tales and stories to illustrate the idea so that people can understand the spirit behind the idea

Apply these principles to Pinterest. Keep the pins simple and focused. Toss in a relevant but unexpected pin occasionally. Offer actionable ideas in the pins, i.e. make it concrete. Provide proof of concepts through the pins. Gain credibility. Emotions are the most powerful hook that you can use when telling a story. Use positive and empathetic emotions.

Pinterest with its boards and pins is custom-made for sticky marketing. It stokes curiosity, gets your readers thinking about your brand, and then when they arrive at your site via Pinterest, they are primed to take the action you desire…signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. The cool thing about Pinterest is that it connects users with your website whereas other social media platforms focus more on person-to-person social contacts. The stickiness that your readers experience also has a salutary effect on your search rankings. Your Pinterest page will rank higher on Google and drive more traffic to your website.

Exercise basic due diligence when putting up pins. Tag them properly so that they show up on search results. Optimize the board titles and board descriptions with appropriate keywords. Study traffic and analyze which pins are engaging readers and the ones that are driving traffic to your site.

Head over to your competitors’ pins and see what they are doing. You can learn from them.

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